Explorer X-Ray Model J
Above & Below the 3000
Serial Number

General Information

All Procedures for this X-Ray have been taken from the original Ritter Service Manual and have been edited. For more detailed information refer to the original Ritter Service Manual

Operator's Manual





The following procedures are intended for qualified X-Ray Technicians and should not be attempted by any one else.  Failure to heed this warning could result in bodily injury.


Turn each x-ray head to be tested so that no person will be in the path of radiation and place a lead disc (O.S. 120) inside the Cone to block radiation.

Taking an Exposure

Turn the power to the x-ray on at the source.  Press the power switch to on.  For Master Controls with a  serial number below 3000 press the power switch to the 15 MA position.  The Ready (amber) light on the Master power panel as well as all the respective remote panel will light.

On the master control, Adjust the Line Voltage Compensation Knob so that the Line Voltage Compensation Meter is in the green zone area.

On the master control timer panel activate the 65 KVP button.  All the remote control timers should indicate 65 KVP on their KVP meters.


When an exposure is made, the (red) X-ray light will be ON for the duration of the exposure.  The Ready (amber) light will go OFF and stayed off as long as the exposure switch is being activated.  

Make two exposures at this setting (65 KVP, shortest time exposure).  Rotate the Time Selector knob to a setting for 2 seconds.

CAUTION     Allow at least 35 seconds between exposures

Make two more exposures. Select 90 KVP, and then repeat the 2-second exposure.

If any one of the events in ( Taking an Exposure ) did not occur Contact Schrader Electronics for repairs and shipping instructions.