Ritter Dental Light

The following Ritter Dental Lights Are listed in descending order by the year they were in production. Select the Light Model for technical information on it.




Super Star Lite Model-K

The Ritter Dental Super Star Lite, like its predecessor the model J it had the same superior optics. Both lights had an on off switch. The most distinguishing feature of this light was that it had an intensity switch that produced a high, medium and low light settings. This variations in intensity were achieved by way of a tapped transformer. Depending on the style of the light these two switches could be mounted either horizontally or vertically.

No Manual


Star Lite Model-J

The Ritter Dental Star Lite was manufactured throughout the 70s. Much time was spent on perfecting the optics of this light. The end results was a reflector that produced a color temperature equal to true sunlight. One of the most distinguishing features of this light was its density control. It consisted of the knob that could be rotated from a high to a low and everything in between.

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