Super Star Lite Model K

General Information

All Procedures for this X-Ray have been taken from the original Ritter Service Manual and have been edited. For more detailed information refer to the original Ritter Service Manual



Service and repair information

Most servicing and repairs of this light can be done in the field. However anything relating to the flex arm is considered a factory repair and should not be attempted in the field.

Warning the flex arm spring is under extreme tension and without the right equipment could do bodily injury.

The following repair should never be done in the field.
Rewiring the flex arm.
Replacing the Horizontal pivot knuckle.
Replacing the spring.
Replacing the tie rod.

These are all factory repair only. The light should be sent to Schrader Electronics (see Contact for shipping address).

 The following steps need to be taken to ensure nothing is damaged during shipping.

1. Under plug the light from the power source.

2. Remove the lamp shield and reflector cover.

Twist the lamp shield 1/8-turn counterclockwise; then remove the lamp shield and reflector cover.

3. Remove the bulb

Grasp the ceramic base of the bulb and pull it straight out of the socket.

important: finger marks left on the bulb during disassembly or reassembly will reduce the bulb life. If the quartz glass envelope has been handled or touched wipe it cleaned using denatured alcohol before operating the light.


4. Remove the reflector

Important: removing the reflector weight from the flex arm will cause the arm to snap upward.

Move the light had to its highest position. Support the reflector and remove the three screws from the rear of the reflector retaining collar. Use caution when removing the last group as arm will snap upward.


5. Remove the flex arm from the fixed arm.

Loosen the four sets screws on the horizontal pivot knuckle located between the flex arm and the fixed arm. If the arm is to be rewired (most repairs automatically receive new wire) cut the wire at this point. While supporting the flex arm remove the two pivot screws.

Stow all parts in a safe place they are not needed for the repair. Only send in the flex arm.