Ritter X-2000 Dental Chairs Models A & B

General Information

All Procedures for this Chair have been taken from the original Ritter Service Manual and have been edited. For more detailed information refer to the original Ritter Service Manual



The Ritter Dental X-2000 Model B Chair

This chair had one PC board.  This was a non programmable printed circuit board that was located under the toe of the chair. It consisted of four large relays, a transformer and various other components. This board provided low voltage to both the operating and limit switches as well as line voltage to the motors.


The Ritter Dental X-2000 Model A Chair

This chair also came with a non programmable printed circuit board. This board was located in the base of the chair. And because of the plumbing involved is sometimes hard to get to. This printed circuit board was all solid-state and had a terminal block on each side for the connection of wires. One side consisted of the line voltage for the operation of the motors the other side was low voltage to the operating and limit switches.



The schematic and wiring diagrams are very large JPEG files. Once opened they can be downloaded to your computer by right clicking on the picture and saving it. Once downloaded you may have to modify the file with your photo editing software to obtain a printable version. These original schematic diagrams consisted of more than one page in the original Ritter Service Manual. For this reason it's impossible to print it directly from this website.

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