Ritter Pacesetter Dental Chairs Model N

General Information

All Procedures for this Chair have been taken from the original Ritter Service Manual and have been edited. For more detailed information refer to the original Ritter Service Manual



All the Ritter Pacesetter Dental Chairs had two banks of membrane switches that were located on each side of the back as shown. Each Bank of switches consisted of four trimmed functions for back and base. There were also two switches one for auto operate and the other activated auto exit. The last button on these banks of membrane switches was for auto rotation. This allowed the chair to unlock so it could be repositioned for another angle. As with most other Ritter chairs this one could be fitted with an optional foot controller. These switches controlled a printed circuit board located in the base of the chair.




The early version of this PC Board part number 119307 was introduced in November of 1989. This part number can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the board. Like the boards that followed they all consisted of five relays positioned across the top of the PC Board. The second evolution of this board was introduced in June 1993 part number 151980 it was a modification of the original board. It is easily recognized by the fact that four of the five relays across the top are mounted on a separate printed circuit board slightly elevated above the original. The newest and last PC Board mounted on this chair was introduced in August of 1994 part number 152202. By this time the auto rotation feature had been eliminated. These boards could have either four or five relays across the top.



The schematic and wiring diagrams are very large JPEG files. Once opened they can be downloaded to your computer by right clicking on the picture and saving it. Once downloaded you may have to modify the file with your photo editing software to obtain a printable version. These original schematic diagrams consisted of more than one page in the original Ritter Service Manual. For this reason it's impossible to print it directly from this website.

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