Ritter Dental Chairs Renaissance & Elite Models M

General Information

No Ritter Service Manual



The following Ritter Dental Chairs All had the  switch configuration shown below.  The far left  is the base trim switch and the middle left is the back trim, operate/exit switch.  On the right of the headrest is the  headrest locking  switch.

Ritter Dental Chairs Renaissance & Elite Models M

There is no manual or wiring diagram that I'm aware of for the Model M Chair. If anyone has such information please contact me. Basically the Model M was an updated version of the Model J Chair. There were a few differences such as both back and base motors were Hannings. From a wiring diagram point of view the only difference between them was the Model M incorporated a Ground Fault Interrupt printed circuit board which is located in the base of the chair. This small (G.F.I.) PC Board contained a relay and some other components. It measured approximately one-half by three inches. If there was a problem with leakage current this circuit would activate and kill the line voltage going to the the control PC Board located in the toe of the chair. The wiring diagram's listed below are as close as I can get. They will still work for diagnostic testing of this model chair.


Wiring Diagrams

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